The Lost Secret of William Shakespeare

by Richard Allan Wagner


The LOST SECRET of William Shakespeare—Review by Dr. James Tresner

I must admit I approached this book with a somewhat jaundiced eye. I really had had my fill of “who was Shakespeare, really” books. But I truly enjoyed reading the book. It might as well be a novel, for all the unexpected twists and turns, Bro. Wagner is writing about real people, and he makes a powerful case that they are real events.

In fact, it’s hard to write a review of the book, because I don’t want to deny you the fun of following the developments—usually a problem in reviewing an adventure novel, not a historical discussion. And what a “cast!” Freemasonry, Shakespeare, Bacon, Sarah Winchester (heiress to the Winchester rifle fortune and builder of the famous “Winchester house”), King James, and the biblical translation which bears his name. Bro. Wagner takes us into the world of the English Renaissance, to a people we know loved anagrams, ciphers, and word/number puzzles.

Whether you accept his conclusions or not, it’s a fascinating read.

James Tresner, PhD., 33rd degree Grand Cross Freemason, historian, author, editor of the Scottish Rite Journal, Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite, Washington D.C.

The Lost Secret of William Shakespeare


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Richard Allan Wagner