The Lost Secret of William Shakespeare

by Richard Allan Wagner
The Lost Secret of William Shakespeare


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  Introduction 6
Chapter 1 The Jeweled Mind of Francis Bacon 11
Chapter 2 Essex 30
Chapter 3 Enter Shakespeare 38
Chapter 4 The Transition to the Jacobean Dynasty 49
Chapter 5 The Rise of the Rosicrucians and Freemasons 54
Chapter 6 The King James Bible 61
Chapter 7 Inventing America 68
Chapter 8 Fall from Grace 74
Chapter 9 End Game 87
Chapter 10 The Rise of the Stratfordians 96
Chapter 11 The Shakespeare Problem 101
Chapter 12 Character Assassination and Disinformation 105
Chapter 13 The Oxfordians 107
Chapter 14 The Concealed Poet 114
Chapter 15 The Name Shakespeare 118
Chapter 16 The Manes Verulamiani 123
Chapter 17 Love’s Labour’s Lost and honorificabilitudinitatibus 126
Chapter 18 The Names in Anthony Bacon‘s Passport 130
Chapter 19 The Northumberland Manuscript 131
Chapter 20 Shakespeare‘s Works Ripe with Bacon‘s Phraseology 135
Chapter 21 Intimate Details 139
Chapter 22 Henry VII 144
Chapter 23 Rosicrucian-Freemasonry in Shakespeare 146
Chapter 24 Bacon‘s use of Secret Symbols in his Engraving Blocks 153
Chapter 25 The Droeshout Engraving, the Folio, the Monument 164
Chapter 26 The Timeline 174
Chapter 27 The Saint Albans Venus and Adonis Mural 178
Chapter 28 Sweet Swan of Avon 180

Chapter 29 Bacon‘s Theosophy 184
Chapter 30 The Belle of New Haven 190
Chapter 31 William and Annie 193
Chapter 32 Europe and California 195
Chapter 33 The House 197
Chapter 34 The Folklore 202
Chapter 35 Dispelling the Myth 205
Chapter 36 Mystery Solved 207
Chapter 37 Sarah‘s Puzzle 216
Chapter 38 Higher Dimensional Geometry:
Why the Winchester House Seems So Mysterious
Chapter 39 Winchester Numbers 248
Chapter 40 The Spider-web Window 259
  Epilogue 268
  Source Notes 270
  Bibliography 316
  Index 323

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To read an endnote refer to Source Notes: pp. 270-315


The writing of this book started in 1999 when I was beginning my research on the late heiress Sarah Winchester. At that time I had no idea where the research would lead. I had no preconceived notions about Mrs. Winchester nor did I have the slightest idea that she would lead me on an extraordinary journey of discovery that has transformed my life.

Originally, this was going to be a book about Mrs. Winchester and the remarkable mansion she had built in what is now San Jose, California—now known as “The Winchester Mystery House,” California Landmark number 868. As my research progressed, I clearly saw that the “House” was ingeniously built to serve as a multifaceted puzzle. Mrs. Winchester had cleverly written a concealed story into the very fabric of the House’s architecture. Everywhere, in and about the House, she left a brilliantly crafted trail of distinct clues—clues for the “initiate”—the pure, unbiased seeker of truth.

My journey of initiation started with baby steps: here and there— sudden flashes of insight—stunning bursts of epiphany—eureka moments of discovery that gradually became more frequent and revealing—just as Sarah Winchester had planned. Gradually, over the years, the story began to unfold.

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